Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Study Buddy Week Twelve

Three months going. The fig and ash are making a strong comeback. The grape has grown across the path and is mixing in with a large grass across the way. Apparently the grass is always greener.

This project is starting to feel like it's been going on for-ever. If I'm getting tired of it, I thought, then perhaps I should end it. But then I realized that it's done the trick. What I've always felt was a lost time that got away from me has been so closely observed and experienced I haven't suffered from the fear of "missing it" that's plagued me in past springs and summers. The project has trained me to be in the moment without as much care or concern for what's to come. Yay! In thanks I will continue to document the growth and changes of these five "buds" into the fall.

Vine Maple

Green Grape

Brown Turkey Fig

Oregon Ash

Italian Prune

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