Thursday, July 02, 2009

Our favorite

By far our favorite beach to visit, if we're coming from Corvallis, is Otter Rock. Jeff would like to know more of the Oregon Coast. He still needs to see Cannon Beach, and Hug Point, and I'd like to also check in on Seaside and Manzanita. But could anything beat Otter Rock? It's sheltered. It's beautiful. It's usually warmer than anywhere else in the vicinity. The community is tiny and just ramshackle enough with a lot of diy fixer-uppers. And it's where the longboarders like to surf. It's inspiring and relaxing. Calder seems so at ease and at the same time stimulated and alive in the best way at this beach.

Jeff left work early today and we drove the 45 or so miles west to spend a cooler afternoon on the coast. The ride feels shorter and shorter the more often we do it... much like Highway 17 between Santa Cruz and San Jose.

Once off the sand we had end-of-the-day slices at Panini's and then crossed the street for the marionberry crisp and a beer/mocha/milk at Cafe Mundo where it was open mic night. We read a stack of library books and enjoyed the evening sun and breeze off the ocean at our little window-side table upstairs. With the beach release catching up with Calder (i.e., he was falling asleep at the table) we left before our friend Matt showed up to read from his new collection.

Even the drive home was good. Time to talk with Jeff and plan new, good ways - which will likely be quite challenging - to change our diet and spend more time exercising together as a family. We're ready to find a new normal.


rlu9 said...

Having done the 17 trek from SJ to Aptos/Capitola more times than I count since I was a child, I completely get your point about it getting shorter the more often you do it.

If only my young son would get to that point - he lasts until we pass Lexington and then starts asking when we will be there. He enjoys camping on the bluff overlooking the beach as much as we do.

Soon, Then said...

Huh, I've been a lot of places on the Oregon Coast, but never even heard of Otter Rock. I'll have to give it a try! Looks gorgeous!