Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Here the sun shines in the summer

These sun-filled summer days are long and warm and give us lots of time to dive deep and get away.

Here's a photo journal of the last few...

Body paint in the kitchen

Hose in my mom's garden


Sprinkler in the backyard

Have you ever played with cornstarch and water?

Watercolor painting skills

Sun sky and shade at Otter Rock

Mary's Peak with wildflowers and friends

Gleaner cherries from the tree by the road

1 comment:

Soon, Then said...

That all looks pretty dang fantastic! Good for you for letting the kids get all good and messy. :) I want to be the kind of mom who does that stuff, and sometimes I do, but it I always get hung up on the idea of clean up. On the other hand, if I were to combine the body paint and the sprinkler, we might have a winner!