Friday, April 03, 2009

Five Senses Friday


- new calendar pages

- two deer in our yard this morning chomping on new green shoots and leaves. you bet i ran out and scared them back into the greenway with a little early morning cacophony on the banging wall

- possibly a Rufous hummingbird - he/she was very brown

- our yellow tulips in bloom

- finally went to a movie with jeff - slumdog millionaire


- crows cawing all morning and afternoon

- the sea and cake: oui


- a yellow/orange dinner from earlier in the week (tomato soup, 2 fried eggs with smoked paprika, corn tortilla quesadillas with cheddar and taco sauce)

- the morning's cup of creamy coffee

- i'm a total sucker for the Co-op scones


- plum blossoms plum blossoms you smell like... corn tortillas!

- smokey wood fires on walks around the neighborhood


- the squeeky rocking and scritchy upholstery of the theater seats at the Darkside

- lots and lots and lots of library books

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Molly said...

did you love slumdog millionaire??? such a good movie. i just watched it earlier this week. put the laptop up on my kitchen windowsill and did the dishes while i watched the movie.

Anonymous said...

I still have yet to see that movie. Great "Senses" post, it is fun to see what everyone is doing.

Elizabeth said...

clearly I need to find some plum blossoms now! I am curious. :)

great senses post.

abby said...

How'd you like "Slumdog"?
I admit, I was shocked by how violent it was, but I really loved it. Glad you two got a chance to get out :)
And I totally adore the sea and cake...
happy weekend!