Thursday, April 02, 2009

This Is Just to Say

Yesterday I made Molly's Daily Granola and Brian's recommended Buckwheat Pasta with Kale. * I didn't have to sign up to see the recipe yesterday, and today I do... strange.

I notice the absence of any dried fruit in the granola, but like the cinnamon and ginger. Slicing some banana or orange on top would probably be really nice.

The pasta dish was last night's dinner. There's a small bit, less than a serving, in the fridge with no noodles. Why, with only 2 and a half of us here, do these recipes that make 4-6 servings never leave us with leftovers? Hungry hungry hippos! In our defense it was all we ate for dinner.

I'm not a terribly adventurous cheese buyer. This recipe had me buying Gruyere along with Parmesan which we usually have on hand. I think the cooked leeks with the briefly boiled kale added would make a lovely side dish unto itself.

In other news, we have ants.


Molly said...

it all sounds delicious, except for the ants. they like to help me cook too :)

Anonymous said...

we're going to have to do something about that "not a terribly adventurous cheese buyer" bit.