Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Check Yourself

Opening Soon! The giant tulips have so far survived the deer this year. We're holding our breath... maybe... hopefully...

It's all over the blogs. That was some weather we had the past few days. It gave the feeling that we'd skipped spring and gone straight to summer. And you know, while I was enjoying it I was also getting really wound up inside. My mind was unsettled. I was agitated and fussy. I was thinking that I had missed my window to plant the garden. We don't have our drip system in yet. And the coop hasn't even been designed not to mention built. The list of projects piles up. The sun makes the list grow exponentially. When it rains again we'll get sand to fill the boat. (This doesn't make sense, but it will be our next opportunity to use a friend's trailer to haul it.) It's nice to know there's something planned for the next rainy day. The line up for sunny day projects is far longer, as usual.

The next thing you know the days race and spill into summer and it all goes so fast, or at least seems to. I avoid being outside because it's too hot. I spend hours watering and feeling wasteful and thinking of the meter going round and round. I panic when things wilt and am anxious for a harvest that seems to come on all at once with a lot of spoilage or not at all and get impatient that the flower seeds are taking so long to grow into plants and blooms and why didn't I just buy starts?

This year. Tomorrow. Today. Right now. I want it to be different. I promise myself it will be.

Okay. I promise.

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