Thursday, March 19, 2009


Picked up this lovely machine, a stapler, at the thrift store on Tuesday.

Loaded with staples.

It was 6 bucks, and the whole time I carried it around I had someone's (Abby? Brianna? Stephanie did something similar) recent post about thrift store strategy going through my head. Basically, she wrote that if an item costs more than $5 you have to consider whether or not you really want it, and you should carry it around the store with you and see if you're still attached to it when it's time to leave.

I only had $6 on me and this is a cash-only store, so buying the stapler would mean I couldn't get the cute fabric scraps or the lidded jars or the birdseye maple spatula. So I carried it around, admiring the mechanics, the engraving, its durability and staying power after who knows how much use. And that was it. I walked up to the register. The elderly woman cut off the tag. I gave her my money and am now the proud owner of a genuine Ace Fastener Corporation "Pilot" stapler.

Worth every penny.

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