Monday, March 16, 2009


Sunday was the day to criss-cross town and tour the chicken coops of Corvallis. It was a rainy, muddy adventure, but we gained some good information.

We also realized we may have gone in over our heads by ordering 8 chicks. Only one guy on a farm had more than that. But I know of at least one member of this Portland family who might consider taking in a few orphan peepers when they arrive in April. We don't know if the octuplets will overwhelm us, but we're realizing that's a lot of chicken to love.

The coops which were featured on the tour were all original designs. Some were on wheels, one was strawbale construction, one had a battery-operated light sensor to open and close the coop door when the sun rose and set. A number of the homeowners had given over their yards to the chickens. Those yards are now super muddy. That's not what we want.

One couple built this little coop and it's in the corner of their yard, home to 6 friendly chickens, is modest in size, has decent aesthetics, and the chickens roam amongst a sizeable landscaped area but are still restricted from scratching up the entire yard.

I got her number and we'll likely set up another visit to take measurements and learn more about life with the ladies.

One of her six is a bantam hen, pictured here. They're smaller and more skittish.

The blue/green eggs are laid by Americana and Araucana hens.

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natalie said...

oh, chickens! It seems like everyone has them... which is so wonderful! I look forward to having some of my own :)