Monday, March 02, 2009


Random post for the folks who keep up with the boy and other general happenings...

Calder and I visited the OSU Sheep Center barns last week. It's lambing season. There were SO many babies, mamas, and even a llama. All very cute and curious.

I didn't realize we'd be able to get up so close.

I haven't quite found a deep art/craft (my taste/style, mind you) groove here in Corvallis, but the surprise fun of all these ag. school-related animal adventures keeps this town interesting. (See bottom of this post for more.)

Oh, and did you happen to see that Corvallis was featured in Sunset magazine this month as one of their picks for the West's best small towns? Pretty cool.

+ + +

Blue skies this morning drew us out into the yard with the easel and paints...

... and a banana. Artists have big appetites, don't you know?

cutie patootie

We also spent some time scouting the yard for a sizeable spot without standing water or established gardens because...

... I think we're jumping on the backyard chicken train(!); researching breeds and coop construction. And we've got our ticket to the "Cooped Up in Corvallis" self-guided chicken and duck coop tour on March 15th. Fun! (I think.)

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abby try again said...

Oh how fun!
Agh...those lambs are too cute. I bet Calder had a blast. I'm bad about always writing comments, but I just got a nifty new gmail account so I'll be better from now on. Hope you are well, my friend.