Friday, March 06, 2009


We made a return trip to the Sheep Barns for more lamb viewing.

And there was a real cutie there to greet us.

Some of the babes are curious, but most have the good instincts to stay close to their mama. These three couldn't resist Calder's kind invitation to come closer for a little pet.

Outside the barns a big raindrop storm was about to begin, but we had to check out the trailer. Look at this lovely place!

+ + +

I tried a new Tassajara recipe last night. Thumbprint cookies.

These used a cup of flour, 2 cups of ground almonds, and 4 cups of baby oats.

I'm pretty sure I didn't grind up the almonds fine enough. I was debating buying almond flour at the co-op, but it looked too powdery. I think that's what I needed though. These were really hard to shape into balls and they're pretty crunchy what with all the almond parts and pieces. But the good news is that Calder digs them. (They're vegan, sweetened with maple syrup, and full of good nuts and fiber.) And the recipe made 75 cookies. Wow!

+ + +

The update is chicken related.

We have piggy-backed on a friend's order and will be welcoming 8 baby chicks into our home (or garage if the cats are an issue) on or around April 20th.

I've got a little library of chicken raising books and called the city to check on the regulations for urban flocks. Hooray! And what a progressive little town. There's no limit on the number of chickens you can have on your property. They don't recommend keeping roosters for the noise factor, but other than that the citizens of Corvallis are free to raise their own protein making machines/feathery pets.

And here's who we'll be getting:

2 Buff Orpingtons
2 Dominiques
1 White Wyandotte
1 Golden Laced Wyandotte
1 Black Australorpe
1 Partridge Rock

+ + +

In other bird-related news...

I've been getting a lot of, "I love you mama bird." and "I love you mama robin." from Calder this morning. Very, very sweet. Tweet tweet!

+ + +

Lastly, we're headed up to PDX tonight for Molly's signing at Powell's. Looking forward to seeing her and all the blog folks who will likely be in attendance. (And I'm also excited to check out the book!)

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Molly said...

those cookies look delicious! care to share the recipe? and congrats on the chicks! you are going to have a blast. ours are growing up so fast.

your blog is the second place i've read about molly's new book, and each time i see my name and the word book together i get a little excited. ah, maybe one of these days. have fun at powell's!