Saturday, December 06, 2008


For makin' cookies.

Grandma and Papa came down for the day and brought, among other things, pre-made (by my mom) sugar cookie dough and sugar sprinkles.

I don't know if they stopped by the actual storefront on the way down, but the decorating sugars were from The Decorette Shop in Tigard, Or. This place reminds me of the cake decorating class I took when I was probably still in elementary school. I was the only kid in the class. Everyone else worked in school cafeterias and wanted to know how to pipe mashed potatoes like you would frosting.

Anyhow, Calder decorated most of the cookies for us...

... and thankfully they bake quickly...

... so we could get to the eating part. (I was going to say that's the best part, but I think I like the cookie cutting and decorating just as much.) We let Calder do some cookie cutting, but he ended up using the cutters over and over in the same spot. We'll be practicing with our play dough before attempting the next round of cookies.

Then it was straight to the tub. (I really don't like the whole tub set up here, but something about this brown has always worked well with Calder's coloring.) Tired of the photo shoot. Ready to get out. C-U-T-E as ever!


seawall said...

hey Reb,
great photography and lovely child.
miss you guys,

Blogging Molly said...

that is an adorable tub shot. my kids get tired of photo shoots too - especially the older they get.