Thursday, December 11, 2008


Oranges with cloves... or as they're officially known, pomanders. Don't forget to pre-poke holes with a toothpick to avoid painful "clove finger".

The little balls-on-wires project is back on track. Here's a batch headed for the kiln after being dipped in low fire glaze. (They're out now. No problems! No fusing to each other, drooping, or sticking to other people's work. Phew!)

And a peek at a new ceramics project that's in the works. I'm calling it "cheeks". They probably won't get fired until after winter quarter starts in early January. Drag. Them's the breaks when you use the campus craft center.

I've been feeling very productive lately - creatively and otherwise. Today I had both an optometrist appointment and a dentist appointment. I'm not bragging. They were both very, very (like, at least 8 years with the teeth) overdue. But, hey, finally taking care of business over here.

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tinkers555 said...

excellent news in the 'balls' dept.