Monday, December 01, 2008


I hope you all enjoyed a lovely day/long weekend of gathering and eating.

We joined five Corvallis neighbors and Jeff's mom and sister at my parents' house in Beaverton.

The feast began with these... dates stuffed with walnut and manchego.

The serving table glowed with dusky fruit and groaned under the weight of all the dishes. Half of a 25# hubbard squash filled to overflowing with cranberry hazelnut stuffing was an easy stand-in for the turkey (which had already been carved and pieced out the day before.)

New dishes were a complete success. Molly's Savoy Cabbage Gratin came together beautifully.

And Joy's Gorganzola Cornbread Stuffing definitely caught my attention. Intense but delicious.

Neighbors took a walk around an unfamiliar neighborhood... just enough exercise to justify dessert.

The Perfect Pecan Pie that really was. (Also an un-pictured, but tasty apple pie and a hybrid sweet called Pumpkin Delight that combined pumpkin pie, yellow cake, and pecan praline.)

My mom also made a merlot and pear sorbet, a cold and heady treat that I ate by the bowlful the rest of the weekend.

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