Monday, December 15, 2008


It's very cold. There's probably two inches of snow on the ground, and with the temperature so low it will likely stay there for a few days. Maybe even get some new snow on top of it. There's even icicles... which I guess just means that our gutters are bust, but they look cool never-the-less.

The heavy machinery was out for a bit this morning trying to clear a path through the front yard.

Calder's digging playing in it this year. He's more into most things this year, actually; the Christmas tree, the Christmas specials on tv - especially ones that center around Rudolph.

Inside, Houston has taken up residence beneath the tree. It's up, decorated, smelling nice, and looking lovely against it's snowy backdrop.

We opted for a real tree this year rather than putting up Big Mama's gorgeous white one. A little guy, (Jeff keeps calling him Ralphie,) wearing gloves too big for his hands and bearing the wet and cold at the Boy Scout's lot sold us a sweet tree from the $10 pile last Saturday.

And finally, this morning I made a new recipe to use up the persimmons that were slowly turning to jelly on the counter. It's a modification on Deborah Madison's Applesauce Spice Bread from her book Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone.

The bread is moist, dark, and just-right spicy. I can't say that I would know there's persimmons in there, but it's very good.

(Someone I don't know posted the recipe here. I didn't have enough butter, so there's 5 T of butter and 3 T of coconut oil in my bread. And I did the exact modification the author suggested trading persimmons for the applesauce.)

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