Thursday, June 19, 2008


Our friends, Dana and Nathan, came up to visit us last week from Long Beach. How wonderful it was to see them after 2 1/2 years. (Way Too Long!) We pretty much ate our way around Corvallis, which is my preferred form of travel, if you haven't noticed.

That means trips to Le Patissier for chocolate and almond croissants, Bomb's Away Cafe for the mashed potato chimichanga ensalada, Squirrel's, the Saturday Farmers' Market for walnut cardamom scones (because the potato donuts were already gone,) and Nearly Normal's for the tempehchanga (yes, I like myself a fried burrito.) Of course, these meals were interspersed with lots of great home cooking by the guests as well as the hosts. We love food!

D+N headed south on Sunday, but were able to enjoy a bit of Father's Day with us before leaving. Nothing major, just a little father/son painting on the windows.

There was also portrait painting. (Nathan and Dana by Jeff.)

And the trying on of Dana's fabulously huge sunglasses.

Dana and Nathan please come again! We miss you!!


bryan said...

hello ! i'm frensh and i visit to blogger !

Ps:The last photo is very funny :)

Dana said...

We had a great time! love, D&N
sadly, we are not french!