Tuesday, May 06, 2008


The farmers' market has been going for 3 weeks now. YEA! Along with the produce, plants, and pretzels there's now an adjoining craft market with local artisans and their wares. I spied this cup two Saturdays ago but didn't get it. Lucky me, it was still there this past weekend so I swooped it up and enjoyed my first cup of coffee in it this morning. Something about the indented squares that the glaze puddled in and the red in the stoneware showing through the white struck me the right way. It's a personal thing, I'm sure. Or does this cup speak to you too?

"Dig! Dig!" Lots of rocks and trucks around here these days. You should see his growing collection of hand-me-down work trucks. Rusty, yellow and hours of fun for Calder.

This is not an unusual sight. An abandoned (temporarily, and probably not willingly) pick-up truck. Metal with a lovely what-is-that-color-blue bed.

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Anonymous said...

My son has learned that signs on lampposts means garage sale ahead. He aquires a lot of trucks for the sandbox that way.

Rebecca U.