Wednesday, May 07, 2008


This book showed up on Amy's blog here and here and I followed her enthusiastic review by immediately submitting a "hold request" at the library. (Man, some bloggers can trigger a lot of interest!) It came in the other day and I made up a batch of wet dough yesterday.

This morning I baked up my first loaf using the basic recipe and think it turned out quite well considering it was my first and our kitchen is lacking in a couple of the author's "top priority" implements (baking stone, oven thermometer, pizza peel.)
The loaf is pretty small and dense, but the crust is hard like any artisan bread you'd get from a bakery and the inside is nice and moist. I think the size and density might have to do with a few errors in the instructions {couldn't have been my errors ;)} which are mentioned and corrected in the book's errata page. Wish I'd read that earlier.

Still, I'm looking forward to homemade bread and like that it's relatively simple (one bowl and no kneading), makes dough for multiple loaves at once that you can bake off over a 2-week period, it tastes great, and the book has a lot of recipes/variations but the basic one is good.

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Beautiful cup! I like the dandelions too. And that picture of Calder at Zachary's in SC where he's looking up smiling - that is his mama's expression, wow!

take care, looks good up there!