Friday, May 02, 2008


The other day while Calder and Gramma C were off at the Co-op I had a moment sitting in the sun on the back stoop with a cup of Tillamook vanilla bean ice cream. (Love the appetizing coffee/tea-stained cup.) I couldn't think of anything constructive to do with my free minutes. This was frustrating at first, but the ice cream helped.

Gramma C is moving out today. She's been living with us for over 8 months. (Really?) It's been so good to have her here. The entire family has truly benefited. It will likely be a serious adjustment for Calder and myself who spent the most time with Gramma/Carolyn. I don't know how Calder's going to take the new reality the next time he slips out of bed in the morning, crosses the hall, and finds the other bedroom empty. Where's Gramma? Fortunately she's still going to be nearby in a sweet little apartment downtown.

Her move to an apartment triggered the acquisition of a 20' x 20' perennial plot in the community garden, and yesterday Calder and I went with her to check it out.

She'll be tilling it in a couple weeks and has plans to grow many seasons of veggies out there. I'm sure we'll be joining her to help and harvest and will have more to show of it here as time goes by. The community garden is adjacent to a park with a duck pond.

You know who spent quite some time chasing a young mallard couple. (See them waddling away in the background?)

Tomorrow is the Master Gardener's plant sale and Sunday is the Corvallis Spring Garden Festival. I prefer the latter, but will also go to the Saturday sale as there's a good vendor for veggie starts and we've promised to pick up some tomatillos and peppers for out-of-town neighbors.


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PĂ©itseoga said...

community gardens are such a great idea...