Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Mamas group was at our house this morning. Let's see... there were 11 mamas and 12 littles... a good sized group! Lots of tasty snacks and fun to be had. We took advantage of the inside spaces and, since the weather cooperated, we got to be outside too. Bonus(!): it was garbage day, so we had some additional entertainment courtesy of the trash guy, the yard debris guy, AND the recycle guy... all in big, loud trucks with robot arms.

My newest blog-sourced recipe was a hit, and definitely worth repeating many times over. Caramel Corn via Lucky Beans. Simple and so good. I made mine using pistachios as the optional nut addition. Quite tasty, I do believe. I was concerned about cleaning up the caramel pot, but it melts off easily with some hot water.

Our buddy Raquel was down visiting last Friday and Saturday and helped lay the brick work in this little inner garden space. Seems the big machinery was called out today to finish the job. Good work guys! (And thanks Rocky! Do you like how it turned out?)


Raquel Bournhonesque said...

Wowza! It looks especially cool with your great photography skills Reb. I like the middle section, ya it did turn out nice. Trucks are a huge bonus too.

Rebecca U. said...

My DS has always loved garbage trucks. We have two that come around - one does garbage/yard waste and the other picks up recycling. Sometimes they come early so, yes, the garbage man has seen me in pjs with unbrushed hair!

Rebecca U.

Ameer Hassan said...

Appreciate your lovely photographs.