Monday, September 24, 2007


It felt like I had to wait forever to see this, but it was certainly worth it. The seeds I scattered way back in spring are all in bloom. Late summer/early fall. Who knew it would be that long? Lovely nevertheless.

There's been an unending supply of zinnias for vases throughout the house.

Cosmos - Bright Lights - with verbena backed up by marigolds and aster.

Big big marigolds in yellow and orange. I'm hoping to string a garland of flowerheads for Day of the Dead.

Mexican sunflowers... one of my new favorites.

The abundant lavender blooms on the aster have created a very busy "bee zone". I can't tell (how could I) if the bees are excited that there's so many flowers, or panicked that this is the last hurrah before all the flowers are gone.

The succulent "bouquet" - still going since our wedding in January '03. It's looking especially good this year.

These bright blue crisp days of early fall are good good good.


dana Doyle said...

Great Garden! looks fabulous. I am loving marigolds these days too. And I have a seed packet of those mexican sunflowers from Tina V. she said they are the favorite food of something, can't recall. How about that marigold scent! did you grow all of those from seed?

ciao! - Dana

tinkers555 said...

i love the mexican sunflower photo. makes me wish summer wasn't over! (phhhh...all the things i never got around to doing)

hope to see you soon. oh, and eli did finally crack his first tooth just last week, it's coming in really crooked!