Friday, September 28, 2007


A long wished for project is now underway! We're bringing the light - and best of all the view - into our bedroom. Man is our contractor, Russ, doing a great job! He makes no mess and planned and executed the work in such a clean and non-invasive way.

This plastic was taped off and caught all the drywall dust as he cut out the opening from the outside.

Oh hello! Isn't this cool?! It's the only time we'll get to do this here. Quick take a picture!

Calder takes in the outside from the inside.

The view... finally! Taken this morning from a dark bedroom. Look at these beautiful trees. This is what we should have been able to see from this room all along. Can you believe there were no windows onto this view until now? Silly homebuilders in the 70's. I love it. It reminds me of the large scale photographs of forests by Thomas Struth in his Paradise series.

That's right. I'm super cute even when my teeth hurt. (He's got at least 6 coming in right now... 4 of them are molars. What a trooper! It's no wonder he's been nursing all night long.)


dana said...

Looks Cool!

better than a struth and less expensive I'm sure!


tinkers555 said...

looking good! actually, it looks alot like the shape of our bedroom window, no wonder i like it! do you have photos of the final result?