Friday, September 07, 2007


The boy can play! This morning after breakfast he asked his Gramma C to pass him the harmonica and without any hesitation he began playing. I was in the other room and called out to ask if it really was Calder I was hearing. Sure enough it was him playing just as well on the inhales as the exhales up and down the scale. He played for phone calls to Dad at work and Mama Freda & Grandpa Pat and even a second phone call to Dad. I wish I could have seen his face when he made the first 'tweet'. Gramma C got to see it and said he had the biggest eyes and a great big smile.

We've offered him the harmonica countless times and have always ended up the performers as he's never "gotten it"... until now.

Tickets for Calder's "Sweet Cheeks: Beaverton to Birmingham Tour" go on sale today at noon.

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Nathan said...

Way to go little man! His rhythm's not too bad either. When are the LA dates? House of Blues right?