Friday, January 05, 2007


A very big project is underway at our house. That's right, the floors are being covered with a much more appealing laminate. Jeff and his mom worked for a couple of days in the dining/kitchen area until Jeff caught a nasty cold and had to call it quits for a while. That's okay. I'm sure we can recruit any number of friendly, "will work for beer" folks to help him finish the job when he feels better. I would love to get in there and work with him, and there are moments when I can, but Calder is really into me these days and won't tolerate hanging in anyone else's arms for very long. I am the mama. I think Jeff and Carolyn have done a wonderful job so far, and I can't wait to see the floor down in the rest of the house. Notice we've been living with indoor/outdoor carpet in the kitchen. Ugh!

And for Sarah over at Tinker Town, I just wanted to share this photo of the boy in his jumpy chair. He can spend quite some time in it (read: 10 minutes) before he really wants out. If he has something on the tray, like linked rings or some other such fascinating thing, he'll stand/sit/twist and have a long serious conversation with himself. I wish I could share the video.

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tinkers555 said...

excellent! 10 minutes is pretty good. we need to line all 3 of these kids up together in their jumpers. i guess we'd need a wide door!