Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Though it's been over a week, I know there are folks who are interested in a glimpse into Calder's first Christmas. It was a sweet time for the family to spend together at my parents' home in Beaverton. Jeff's mother was able to join us from Indiana, and is still here visiting and helping install new floors at our Corvallis home. (!) (Post on this adventure to follow.)

Calder's stocking is a work in progress. At the last minute (Christmas Eve) I decided the stocking I'd been working on was too small for my boy, so I started over using a modified, larger pattern. I was able to sew up one side and pin the other side to hold in the Christmas morning loot. The only decorating I could finish is his name cut freehand in felt. It worked this year... and this year only.

Stockings are a big part of our Christmases. They are the most tradition-laden part of gift giving in my family. My mom's stocking must always have a wedge of brie tucked inside and bananas hanging out the top. There was also always a pack of No Nonsense panty hose in taupe, but that tradition has passed, hopefully for obvious reasons. Who wants to wear panty hose?

In everyone's stocking there shall be a marshmallow hidden way down in the toe. And last, but definitely not least, there will be a wind-up toy. New one's every year. It's such a fun tradition. We're so lucky to live so close to Finnegan's, a great toy store with a counter in the back where they let you try out all the wind-ups. How cool.

Jeff bought the boy the perfect book, Look, Look! by Peter Linenthal. It's a board book and he is way into it. The grandma's had quite a time "reading" it with him. We all swear he was turning the pages.

The Skwish was a hit too... with everyone, I think. I like the sound it makes when you roll it. And it's good and spring-y while still feeling solid.

Lastly, I wanted to introduce our fuzzies to blogland. Houston , the big guy, and Quinn , the little girl looking festive on the red carpet. Merry Christmas kitties. Though lots has changed in your world since Calder arrived, know that we continue to love you very very much and look forward to many years of cuddles, pets, and purrs.

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amisha said...

calder is beautiful... what wonderful pictures!
i really like the stocking tradition. it's not something that i grew up with but would like to start next year... the collection of small things seems very creative and fun!