Sunday, December 17, 2006


I'd like to say thank you to everyone who has said such nice things about my 2007 photo calendar. It makes me really happy to be able to share something I've done with other folks out there. If anyone else would like the pdf file just send me an email or post in the comments with your email address.

One of our cats, Quinn, cannot leave the ornaments alone. Last year our tree came down three times due to her antics with the ornaments. We've been lucky so far this year... all except for the little hedgehog who must have been too tempting to leave alone. He'll stay here, within her reach, on the chair for her if she wants him. I'm not going to risk the tree falling just to see him up there.

For the past few years we've had my grandmother, Big Mama's, tree in our house. Christmas was a huge deal to her. She lived in a Southern plantation home in Gibson, North Carolina. When I was little and would visit her I often explored the bedroom that was entirely devoted to the storage of Christmas decorations. She had a tree in every room (multiple living rooms,) on the stair landings, and outside. This tree was in the music room. It's quite lovely in its artificiality. I say it looks like a cedar, but I'm not really sure. The lights and ornaments look very pretty on the tree. All lit up, it glows bright in the corner of our living room, and it makes me feel good knowing we have a bit of Big Mama's Christmas in our house.

I do miss the smell of a real tree, and had planned on gathering some greenery to put in a vase inside in hopes of bringing the evergreen scent into the house. Hasn't happened yet, but I guess it's not too late.

Our wonderful neighbor, Joy, surprised us today with a platter of chocolate-y goodness. Hooray! I've got breakfast and lunch for the rest of the week! There's chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, chocolate-covered peanut butter balls, and fudge. What a gal!

Our outdoor holiday decor is modest in the lightshow department, but still festive. From a large downed, lichen-covered branch in our neighbor's backyard I fashioned a wreath, placed a small strand of lights around it and inserted a dove from a past art project. I quite like it and tried to ignore Jeff's comment that it looked like a Halloween decoration. Grrrr... I think he has since retracted this comment.


amisha said...

mmm... that chocolate looks delicious. i am doing fudge for my neighbors this year too! :)

Shari said...

hi rebecca,
chocolate goodies, beautiful decorations...nothing better. it's neat to know your grandmother used to live in nc. my grandmother's sister lives in a plantation house in sc.
cheers! shari

rebbermade said...

actually almost all of my relatives still live in nc. my dad grew up in chapel hill and my mom in gibson. i don't get back there all that often, but now that we have a little guy it probably won't be too long before we head back across the mississippi for a bit of show & tell.