Friday, December 15, 2006


High winds and heavy rains took out our power last night around 7:30. We lit the house up with candles after sitting for a bit in the darkest of darks. Fortunately, we'd already had dinner so we didn't have to deal with the fact that all our appliances are electric and wouldn't have helped if we were hungry. The power came back on around 10:30 this morning. I'm a bit worried about the state of the berries in the freezer, but I'm just going to hope they stayed "cold enough".

We don't have cell phones, but we do have a dial phone so we could still receive the call from our neighbor making sure we were okay. After a bit of playing with the boy in the candlelit living room we opted for an early bedtime and a bit of jazz music courtesy of our great little PAL radio that runs for hours on battery power. The power goes out quite a bit here, I would say, but it's usually during the day so I don't necessarily notice how plugged-in our lives are.

When things did get up and running through the wires today I had a chance to make the chocolate cake with white frosting that's headed to a friend's house for dinner. Nothing special recipe-wise, but cake is such a wonderful thing you just have to have it whenever you can.

Though I'd have to say that these look mighty nice! Simple, crisp goodness. They remind me of Anna's Ginger Thins, but I bet they're better when they're homemade.

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Shari said...

sometimes when the power goes out, it reminds us to slow down. the candlelight was lovely i bet. your cake looks delicious too. cheers, shari