Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Month of Making :: February 20

I completed the memory/story/prayer card folder for my friend's mama's memorial.

Binder's board covered with cardstock weight paper.  Spine added and bound to covers with book 
• Ribbon tie for closure, glued ends recessed into pared away area inside covers to keep the surface
  flush.  (I love this trick even though it always feels so "point of no return" like cutting your knitting.)
• Folded pockets from cardstock attached to inside covers and trimmed out with additional paper for a  
  finished appearance.
• Adhesive throughout: Talas Jade 403
• I *heart* my bone folder

Sorry to geek out on the supplies, but I remember gathering all these items for my Book Arts class in college, and the instructor was very specific about our materials.  I adopted her respect for these things, and have appreciated having them in my toolbox many times over ever since.

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