Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Month of Making :: February 18

In lieu of quiet studio time I give you a sneak peak at the "storm before the calm" of bedtime.

This is my first attempt with iMovie.  Interesting.  Not something I'm feeling called to mess around with, but a new-to-me tool to play with nevertheless.

In other video news… I'm looking forward to watching this tonight.  And I did find his interview with James Turrell very interesting.  Calder was captivated too.  Also, the boys (all of us, really) are enjoying these cat-related video bits here, here, and here.  

Oh! and it looks like Max has a new friend!  He and Jim Brown have made it past the hard part and are getting along really well.  I think we might even catch them snuggled up together in the near future.  Jim is so docile with the kids… unbelievably so, really.  I'm happy he's here.

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