Monday, September 03, 2012


Thank goodness it happens every year.

And this year happens to be our 5th!  Also, a couple other groups who have been there in years past were there again.  I love being surrounded by tradition.  And the beach takeover is pretty monumental... in a good way.

These kids - and their moms and dads too - are growing up knowing this experience, all the things that change and all the things that stay the same.

Jeff took his saxophone out to Huckleberry Island and played for a couple of hours.  (You can see him in the photo below standing on the right side of the island.)  I love this tradition and all the boaters who paddled over for the concert.

And while his daddy played, Lake took a nap just off the beach.  Babe in the bear grass... so sweet.

Even if we're the crazy people who only get it together to campout one time a year, that this is where we go and what we do and who we do it with makes it a pretty phenomenal one time.

11 families.  36 friends.  I love our people!

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k said...

Looks like a you guys really make the most of your one camping trip each year - what a great place and great group to share it with.