Tuesday, August 30, 2011


We returned, again, for a 4th year (the 5th for the group) to our beloved Waldo Lake. Pressing on despite last minute worries about the mosquito situation. (Waldo has a pretty bad reputation for bugs in the summertime.) I thought the trip might be out and out canceled at one point, but thankfully we persevered and headed up for a long weekend of camp, food, friends, boating, knitting, swimming, hiking, and general Southtown good times.

I wasn't heavy on the shutter button, though you may think otherwise given all that's posted here. There were many moments where I just sat and watched, admiring all that Calder and Lake, and all our kiddos, can do. Calder spent hours in the boats, heading out again and again for the island where stories were told, huckleberries gathered, friendships cemented. Lake was so easy going, munching his way through the days, content to play in the sand or sit in the water watching the big kids play. Sometimes they'd even play with him, and it was a joy.

Eight families this year. Sad to miss the few whose plans changed and weren't able to join us. There will always be another Waldo. We shared the beach with another big group who's been camping at Waldo for 20 years. I suspect that will be us somewhere down the line. We can only hope!

* * *

Just outtakes from the group photo. We're missing a few faces here, but it's fun to see the goofing and gathering as folks fuss to set up multiple cameras. I marvel at the changes.

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