Saturday, August 11, 2012

In the 90s

Seattle last weekend to celebrate Gramma Ginny's 90th birthday.

The sun was out (temps also in the 90s) and the city was ringing in high summer with Seafair events.  From the perfect vantage of my aunt and uncle's Mercer Island home, we were able to enjoy the excitement of the hydroplane races and the air show with the Olympic range playing backdrop.

The Blue Angels, and all the other flying machines, roared over the house every day we were there.  Lake's naps were hard to come by, but the heart stopping thrill of an enormous fighter jet zooming 100 feet above our heads was worth it... I think.  Though it did also give me a glimpse of the terror of living in a war zone, so there is that.  I was mostly impressed with the idea of how strong the bond must be between the pilots flying in such tight formation, coming so close to one another during various maneuvers, trusting one another completely.  I'd rather focus on that than the killing machine aspect.

A swim in the lake would have been just right, but I hadn't thought to pack the suits.

We took a drive through Seattle neighborhoods Friday morning wandering aimlessly but always ending up somewhere familiar, Queen Anne, Fremont.  I'm not well oriented in that city, but it seems like there's a lot of cool places and neighborhoods to explore.  I do love just driving around looking at houses and yards, imagining fitting my life into new surroundings.

On Saturday, after a celebratory dinner, Jeff, Lake and I took a hot summer evening exploratory drive along Alki Beach.  I do not remember ever being here, though my aunt and uncle used to live nearby.  The road and beach path were crowded with folks taking advantage of the sunshine and waterfront.  It was not unlike a Southern California beach moment in an unexpected way, all the balconied apartments across the street from the water.  But the contrast of the Doug Fir wooded islands in the Sound on view and the knowledge that this heat was rare... I'd like to come back when it's  less like California and see what I think of it then.  I will say, my curiosity was piqued and have to admit to coming home and checking Craigslist for home prices.  (Too high for us!)  And it's not like I really want to move!

Now we're home.  A long-time-coming old/new sink has finally been installed in the hall bath.  We're working on eradicating the fleas (damn!)  Quinn just received her 4th acupuncture treatment (degenerative disc.)  And we're headed to friends tonight for easy dinner and some music by the papas (sax and guitar.)  Also, too, some Olympics if we're interested.  Without a TV, we've been jonesing for Olympic viewing, and took in all that we could in Seattle.  Tonight might be our last chance, as I don't think we'll seek out the Closing Ceremony tomorrow.

Next week brings a mid-week Gorge getaway followed closely be a big 6(!) birthday party for Calder.  Follow that up with the neighborhood Waldo campout the week after that, and we're looking at some full days as this summer blazes on.  Someone pointed out that yesterday marked the "1 month 'til school starts" countdown.  Kindergarten here we come!

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Joy said...

Wow, those boys are getting big! 6 years old. Oh my oh my. School. Jeez.

We miss you! Can we please get together soon...I start maternity leave soon so maybe you can come up for a visit?