Friday, June 08, 2012

Family Camp :: I

Back in 1991, the summer of my Junior year in high school, I was a counselor at OMSI's Hancock Field Station.  Week in and week out we brought van-loads of Portland-area kids to this remote location in Oregon's high desert to explore paleontology, geology, aboriginal skills, natural history, astronomy, and arid lands ecology.  I had a wonderful summer, and memories of Hancock stuck with me, surfacing every now and then making me wonder how and when I'd ever return.

I guess it was last year's neighborhood camp out that had me thinking of other ways that our fab group of families could experience travel and adventure together.  I looked up Hancock and found information on a Family Camp held annually on Memorial Day weekend.

Three families decided to take the leap and run with my promise of a rustic camp experience with lots of learning in a beautiful part of Oregon they may have never seen.  I hoped my memories would prove true.

It was a huge success.  We had a stellar weekend.  I'll break it down into a few posts so as not to overwhelm.  Here's a visual story of our first full day in camp.

Sound sleeps, packing lunch for the trail, riparian field studies, leaf fossils, music and wine in camp, and more... Day One.


Jeff said...

You are going to get us busted after the fact!

Jaime Rugh said...

can we come next year! this looks amazing!!!