Saturday, April 28, 2012

Made to trade

These came in the mail yesterday.

Jillian's postcard set, "Eggs: From The Hen To The Breakfast Table", seemed made to trade with my "Feather and the Egg" print set.

Her images actually tell a story, the life of an egg from hen to breakfast table, while my set simply reflects my love and admiration for our little flock.  There were just too many parallels.  We had to swap.

Do you know Jillian, aka The Noisy Plume?  She's making a beautiful life in Idaho with her man and her critters, pouring her heart into her handmade jewelry and soaking up the wild.  Man, does  she have a way with words.

Keeping chickens brings people together.  It's a beautiful thing.

We've got over 3 dozen eggs in the fridge right now.  Ah, Spring.  When it rains it pours!

I hear the coop tour is coming up again.  That was fun.  Seems ages ago.  I'm happy to see our coop - and most of our jazzy ladies - are still standing strong.

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Molly said...

chicken lovers unite! we too have three dozen eggs thanks to our spring loving chickens. what a beautiful set of cards! love the berry in the beak.