Friday, February 17, 2012


We needed one. I had considered simply removing the cabinet faces, but the half-way done feeling of that route seemed a little too frugal this time. Trust me when I tell you I am cheap. I struggle with spending money when I know I can do something with my own hands for less or free. Plus, I respect myself for stepping up to that challenge. But, I wanted this to look more than just a little different.

Photo from right after we moved in back in 2005. The cabinets got a coat of white paint in 2006 before Calder was born.

Still, I did do all the work of taking down the cabinets and putting up the new shelves. And so that felt good. Plus, it does look more than just a little different. It looks way better than before. We are happy.

And there's more to come. We have another bank of cabinets over the counter that separates the kitchen from the dining area. Once we decide how to deal with the hood that's currently incorporated into those cabinets, then they will come down too. And the space will be BIG! I'm anxious to see it, but accept the slow pace right now as we make sure we have a good plan for the hood. I'm thinking right now of something covered with some of that old wood I collect. Kind of like this, but our hood will hang in the open over the stove. Anyway, it should look good and be an even bigger change than getting rid of that first bank of cabinets.

We've got more to do... always! But I'm pleased with what we've done so far.

In the clear out of the cabinets, I rediscovered this funny cup bought years back at a Cal State Long Beach ceramics sale. It was made by my instructor, Craig Clifford. Ben Franklin and I share a birthday. I've had such bad luck lately breaking many of my favorite cups. I think this one's moved into the top spot for now.

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Tracy said...

looove the open shelving. i am too earthquake paranoid to contemplate it here. and that mug! d thinks he remembers mr. clifford :) xo