Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Après the show

A whole passel of us from town (we're talking 30+ parents and kiddos) went up to the big city on Saturday to see the Oregon Childrens' Theater production of The Magic Schoolbus. I've got to say, I was not wowed by the show, but the event itself was an adventure.

All of us crammed in the theater's freight elevator. The grown ups still tower over the kids... for now.

We enjoyed a backstage tour, occupied the entire first row of the 2nd balcony, and my favorite part... an après theatre, pre-dinner stop-in with a portion of our crowd at the Marble Bar in the Heathman Hotel. (Kids allowed until 5pm.) We swept in on the bartenders with orders for hot chocolates, espressos, and Tanqueray+Tonics.

It was a sweet scene. An upholstered alcove framed the little people perfectly. There's probably a bazillion pictures of these four in this alcove, but who could resist? All the expressions... too good. My camera fails me in these circumstances, but some of these are cute even with the blur. (Is it even possible to shoot at the speed of kid?)


erin said...

Hi Rebecca!

I found your blog via Molly's (Foothill HC) and I wanted to respond to your question about your hen laying....we have had a flock for three years and I've learned much. Firstly, I think if you can find her some sisters her world will brighten considerably. She may ot be laying (or start again) due to depression. From my understanding, chickens have a high need for a social environment with other hens, birds on their own will not thrive. Do you have a way to to bring in another two pullets? Research how to integrate them so that there is less of the pecking order stuff (although that is how chickens sort out their hierarchical structure, but no one should get hurt either!)

Lastly, I found enormous help and support and information on the backyardchickens.com forum. It is still my go-to place when I have questions. I hope you will pardon my reply, I just didn't know how else to contact you!! Have a nice day!!x


Tracy L. Oulman said...

Noticed your blog in the blogger directory for Oregon. These are truly lovely photos. I especially like the tea time shots.