Friday, January 06, 2012


It's taking a bit of time to wake this blog (and many I read) from its long winter's nap.

Besides a small gathering on New Year's Eve, and a sizable one here on New Year's Day, I seem to be entering 2012 at a perfectly slow pace.

I'm surprised to find it's only now January 6th... the 12th day of Christmas. I think the tree and other decorations about the house will come down tomorrow. I like to honor that time after Christmas, letting the days draw on, trying to notice the little minutes of light added to each day.

Our girls are still not laying. I really don't mind giving them this break as it's part of their natural cycle. It's just been really clear this year. They're 2 years old and can't be relied upon for a daily egg. We haven't wanted to force them into laying with lights in their coop, but eggs are a big part of our diet. After a couple weeks of buying terribly unsatisfying eggs from the grocery store, even the co-op's were sub-par, we have turned to friends with flocks to feed our egg habit.

Just a couple blocks from home, some friends have started an egg business. They got their girls this spring, so the eggs are abundant even in this winter light. (I remember those days!) It costs a bit more, but I love the process... the walk, the possible social call, the trust involved with the fridge and envelope for your money in the shed. Oh, and the eggs, as fresh as if they came from your own chicken.

I know our girls will start laying again one of these days. And when they do it will feel like spring has sprung!

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