Sunday, January 15, 2012

First snow

It's always so nice here when it snows.

We don't ever get that much, and it rarely sticks around for too long.

So, celebrate it while it's here!

- - -

Lake and I have been in quarrantine for the past two days with a stomach bug. Jeff and Calder have been staying at his mom's house in town. (Thank goodness we have that option!) I think I've cleaned, bleached, boiled, and laundered thoroughly engough that the other two won't get sick. I very much hope so!

When Lake awoke this morning, and I pointed out the snow falling, his face brightened. He pointed, and stood on the pillow to watch out the window above the bed. Could this be his first snow? It's surely the first he'll remember.

After breakfast we will venture out to play.

- - -

(Yes, those are plastic bags held on by rubber bands. Looks like we need to get Lake some winter shoes, or rain boots at the least.)

* * *

We're back in and they want to go out again. Man, can those boys take advantage of a couple inches of snow!?

We got to see the neatest thing out on the patio.

The little bush tits flew in to the suet feeder while we were standing just feet away. I don't have great zoom on my camera... I was really as close as these photos seem. I love these birds! At the tail end of their visit there were also a couple Townsend's Warblers.


Molly said...

how fun! i love the first snow. we haven't even seen rain this year! and those birds are spectacular. i'd love to add some bird feeders to our yard.

Peaceful Knitter said...

We loved the snow while it lasted, too. Hope all of your tummies are feeling better.

Tracy said...

oh how I miss snow! xo

k said...

i love when the bushtits come to visit - i have a very similar picture (and a very similar suet feeder). they are so funny the way they swarm, when most other birds take turns.

hope you're feeling better.