Saturday, December 10, 2011

Full moon shore

We did make it to the coast last week.

Out to Yachats and back. (A tad too long in the car for the 5 year olds... note to self.)

After lunching at the Green Salmon (yum!) we headed south a few miles to Cape Perpetua for a energy-burning short hike to the giant Sitka spruce.

Our first stop was actually the visitors center there which had some great hands-on displays about the forest's history - the plants and the people. We also spent some time staring out the big plate glass windows hoping to see a whale, but saw none. Just once, please!

Then the hike to see the tree. 500 years ago this tree took root as a little seedling on a nurse log. Today it stands, the nurse log long decomposed, with an arched trunk and roots perfect for young explorers.

We found ourselves on the shore at sunset. The shadows long, a beautiful, clear sky, quiet beach, low tide, navigating the rippled sand, gathering treasures.

It was cold out there. Not windy, just cold. We wanted to call it winter. Not yet. Soon.

Compelled to write. We're entering new worlds.

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Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Those last two images are especially beautiful...a young writer working under a full moon on a winter beach. The light is different in the winter on the beach, isn't it? Glad you made it to the beach.