Wednesday, December 07, 2011


The fog stays all day long.

It's thick and soupy.

Last night, walking over to our neighbor's house, I quoted our copy of Rudolph, "The night was bitter cold and a terrible fog covered all the earth." Good thing Rudolph got up the courage to get out of that toy chest and go help Santa and his team on Christmas Eve. They're going to need that glowing nose this year if this fog sticks around too much longer.

Approaching Christmas, Calder has said a couple of times that Santa wasn't real. When we finally asked why he thought that, he told us that it was because he was in one of his books, so he couldn't be real out in the world doing Santa-type goodness. (In this story, Santa creates a book to put in "your" stocking and at the end he jumps into the book "to spend Christmas with you.") I felt badly that he'd worried himself out of believing. But I was relieved that he could explain his reasoning, and that we could attempt to reason him out of a Santa-less Christmas for at least one more year.

Wow. The power of a book!

Oh, and isn't this fog really so beautiful?

But, a friend of mine feels otherwise, and in her quest for sun we're headed to the beach tomorrow. It's supposed to be about 30 degrees warmer out there and sunny.

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