Saturday, November 26, 2011

At Rocky's this afternoon

A quick lunch near her new place.

Then back home to watch and learn while she made batch after batch of vermouth.

I never really understood what it was or what it could be. It was an ingredient. Something you waved over a martini without ever adding a drop.

Turns out, it can be pretty great on its own. There's just a lot of bad ones out there.

I'm finding I like more off-flavors lately; cookies with almond meal and the kitchen sink thrown in, salad greens with dill and parsley. I don't like things too sweet anymore. I loved the woodiness of her vermouth, the herbal, the curious, complex flavor. As with most tastes these days, I think I would have liked it with less sugar. Did you know it had sugar in it?

She worked her magic. We sipped. Critiqued. (Watching Endless Summer projected on her living room wall all the while.)

She asked my opinion on decorating the front porch for the holidays. I told her I thought a simple wreath on the door would be my first choice, maybe some garland, and a twiggy branch with lights. White lights are my favorite.

On the way home, I was surprised by how many people have already put up their trees.

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