Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Closed for ripening

That's what the sign said this morning as we pulled up to the entrance of our favorite u-pick blueberry farm. Good thing I've already placed my order for 25# for the end of the week. Hopefully they'll still be able to fulfill it. We've been picking 4 times already and very nearly eat all we pick before any can be put away in the freezer for the blueberry-less months of the year. If the bushes will cooperate, we've got some serious picking left to do!

Rebbermade has taken an unplanned summer vacation. So many things are happening 'round here. Calder turns 5 this Friday! Followed immediately by the wedding of our fine friends, Matt + Ashley, for whom I'm doing all the decorations. Lots of making and fretting over to-do lists to be sure.

Jeff returns to work tomorrow after 2+ glorious weeks off. I'll miss the sweaty, full-summer-sun yoga on the patio (Jeff is fabulously committed and reaping endless benefits,) Calder and Daddy riding bikes all over town, the all-day co-parenting and the frequent breaks from any parenting at all... I loved having him at home, and know we're going to miss him when he goes back to campus. It's nice to know we've got a few more days here and there in the coming weeks when he'll be off for a camping trip and other things.

It's been such a busy time for all of us, and yet the heat and long days of summer (it's finally here!) make time feel like it's passing so much slower. Strange how the season of relaxing and having fun comes with an endless list of activities, responsibilities, and worry that it's not all getting done.

There's sure to be fun things to show and tell after the birthday and wedding, and we haven't stopped using the camera leading up to these big events either, but given the busy-ness and the reality that I've got access to only a few images on this computer, I'll share some unrelated good ones of the boys enjoying their days. May the remainder of the summer continue to be as simple, sun-lit, and rewarding for all of us as it was in these moments.

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