Monday, March 14, 2011

More of the same... plus...

Time in Portland last week.

A check-up for Calder. Keep on keeping on. Thing's are looking under control. Good.

There's fun to be had even on Pill Hill.

To continue Papa Jeff's birthday celebration there was an evening indulgence in chocolate mousse. We called around to a number of sweet purveyors in search of our new favorite wheat-free treat. I think we'll have to check out Papa Haydn's and Pix's offerings in the future, but they seemed a bit much for us this visit.

On Wednesday, Jeff's actual birthday, we had a wonderful breakfast at Besaws's. I've grown up eating breakfast here. It's got such a warm atmosphere with an old, wood bar, great windows, and coffee outside if you have to wait for a table. This particular breakfast turned out to be the best food I've ever had there. I've thought about it every day since, it was so good. Two eggs scrambled with spinach, prosciutto, and chevre, served with roasted potatoes which were perfectly soft and seasoned with rosemary and about 6 chubby cloves of roasted garlic. Oh, and it was just six bucks - a "recession special" they called it. And the coffee is Stumptown. I would eat this every day if I lived there. Delicious! Jeff enjoyed is huevos rancheros and Calder liked his Mickey cake too.

I love seeing babies from a distance... so in their own world.

Curious like all babes... and just like his brother.

That afternoon Jeff took off for a conference in Calgary. Calder was super sad to see his dad go this time. We came back home and had a couple days of "just mama". Lake spent some time outside between the raindrops while I got a little more gardening in. Dug out some errant raspberry canes to share with neighbors. (I love being able to do that!) The babe hung out with a couple of our girls picking grass and checking out an old, dried out tomato plant.

Jeff returned Saturday night to Calder's welcoming arms. Big, long hugs, people. And Sunday we had a new fort in the living room. We all fit inside, and the sleepy light coming in through the sheet helped at least one of us catch a few afternoon zzzzz's to bring a busy week of travel and everyday adventure to its end.

What I've been thinking about lately:

• nuclear power/radiation sickness/Japan
• gold thread for mini silk buntings (see blog header)
• getting back to my ceramics-making
• finishing the bathroom floors with pebbles like in this house

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