Monday, March 28, 2011

3/4 of the way 'round

Today marks Lake's 9-months of living (outside of me) on this planet. To celebrate, his brother and I took him to check out the gravel quarry/concrete batch plant south of town. (Now whose idea do you think that was?)

Metaphorically, I guess, it was a great idea. Let's honor you amongst the rocks that are the literal foundation upon which your earthly world resides.

Where do you think those rocks are headed?

Not to mention, Lake, they're just the right size for putting in your mouth. You'll love that.

You know it! (I removed it immediately, of course!)

I feel like I have everything I need here in this small town. Including a place like this that'll sell me a truckload of rock for $15. (It was just $5 a couple years ago, but still, that's cheap!) I've got ideas for some sort of outdoor dining/non-dirt/level ground space out our back door. It's sorely needed during the Spring/Summer/Fall. I think we're going to go with a mix of two mouth-sized styles, the crushed river rock and a larger (rounded) pea gravel.

Once again, another project to add to the never-ending list. But I sort of love that.

So, happy spinning 'round the sun little Lake. We're so very glad to be on this ride with you.

Lake's shirt, made by no added sugar, says 'LOCK UP YOUR DAUGHTERS!' It was a gift for Calder years ago from our good friend Sean. It's funny to me in such a sassy, gold glitter kind of way.


Joy said...

I will surely have to lock Airlie up. She was pretty smitten with both your boys!

Tracy said...

He's so big and beautiful! And that shirt! We will take that into consideration ;)

studiopatrick said...

tkx for the message, not i didn't draw it .. i'm slowly back to work ...