Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September at the coast

A couple weekends ago we ventured back out to Waldo lake for our annual neighborhood camping adventure. I wasn't sure how it was going to go with the new babe. We woke on Saturday morning to rain falling on the tent and temperatures that didn't climb out of the 40's all day. I was quite grumbly all morning and my spirits rose only slightly the rest of the day. It was great to be with friends, but we weren't enjoying the lake in the same way we have in years past. I didn't take a single photo the entire trip. Our family and two others opted to head home Saturday evening, and planned to return to Waldo in two weeks time on our traditional date, the weekend after Labor Day.

As the days went on and we monitored the chilly weather predictions for Waldo our thoughts and plans shifted westward to a seaside destination instead. So this past weekend we found ourselves and 3 other families in a house on the Oregon coast just north of Yachats.

Our cairn with the Daddy, Mama, Calder and Lake stones.

It was a wonderful weekend. Beautiful, blue skies and warm weather. Great friends and food. Dear, strong hearted, caring children who were great together.

We relaxed and adventured and enjoyed two trips to the beloved Green Salmon.

The coastline around Yachats is quite lovely.

Our kids showed us how fabulous it really is.

We're planning to return in October and as often as we can after that.

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