Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The boys

This is pretty much the only type of photo I've taken recently... and at Calder's request. "Take a picture of us, mama!"

Lake is super sweet when he wakes up in the morning and all Calder wants to do is climb in next to him, get real close and squeeze! (Fortunately, Lake's been pretty good at letting him know when he's had too much.)

And two little heads on a pillow makes for some pretty sweet pictures of the brothers.

Otherwise I haven't been picking up the camera much lately. I'm keeping them busy with l-o-n-g walks. Time with friends. Enjoying being outside during this second round of summer.

Oh, it was chilly one day recently so Lake was bundled and looking super cute.

But lately it's been warm and sunny. We're working out a rhythm to our days together and even considering devising a meal plan for our family. (I've seen many great ideas for this recently, but have since lost them in the ethers.) And lately when I look around the house I want to get rid of almost everything!!! Oh man, I wonder what I'm going to do about that!?


Joy said...

What great pics of the boys! They truly look like brothers. Let's plan to get together sometime soon...come up to Portland again! Lots of hugs and misses to you all.

M. said...

they are both so adorable :)

hope all is well...

best wishes for your sweet family :)