Friday, July 30, 2010

Moby Blues

Picked blueberries for the third time in two weeks. Came home with 4.5 lbs. Twice as many as the times before. Haven't frozen any yet. Can't stop eating them by the handful!

Lake has slept in the Moby for the duration of each of the blueberry outings. As a carrier it's worked really well for all three of us.

I like that you just wrap and tie it to your body without adjusting anything from the last person who wore it. And I think the color looks nice on both Jeff and myself.

The one we use has carried three other babes before Lake and will certainly work for at least a few others after him. When we get the chance we're going to embroider the names of the babes on it. I think it will be a lovely piece of history, and I actually feel honored that we get to be a part of it.


Lindsay Myers of Seedlings Playschool said...

i am so glad you love the Moby! i love seeing it in use!!!!

M. said...

great to see everything is well :)