Monday, February 22, 2010

Tomorrow: rain

These mornings have been chilly. Below freezing. But the days have been sun. sun. sun. So good. Rain is forecast for tomorrow. And Calder has a bad cough and a runny nose. Looks like we'll be staying in.

In advance of the rain, I set a late afternoon fire ablaze in the pit. We burned the Christmas tree, thanking it for the beauty it gave us in the season, and the warmth and light it gave us as it rose into the sky. I wonder how much longer this makeshift firepit will work for us. It's a big cast iron wok I found out back behind a restaurant in town, raised off the patio by a couple layers of brick. Works great. I'm such a scrounger.

Calder is in love with the Felcos and asks many times a day if he can "cut". Breaking down the tree was a good opportunity.

He had another chance earlier in the day when we walked down the block to the flowering plum by the cemetery to snip a branch of buds for our table. (Reminded that it was time, by this.) Here's the same tree last year. We're a whole month early on the blossoms. I wonder what this will mean as the year goes on.

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Annotated Margins said...

I'm wondering about all the daffodils and the new buds on the trees, while I'm scraping ice of the windshield of my wife's car every morning.

(Hope you're not getting sick at your house with that cough.)