Sunday, January 24, 2010

We're still working on these

I had a really clear expectation of how I wanted these to be.

Unfortunately, they didn't seem to firm up or stay crispy like your usual Rice Krispies Treat which seems sort of critical to their success. I mean, if they're gooey and chewy they kind of seem stale to me texture-wise. Though, these do not contain marshmallows which might be a factor in keeping the traditional recipe crisp and firm (a sugar thing?) Or maybe it's the puffed rice in this recipe... more chewy?

However, they did taste quite good. I'm just thinking they might need to spend some more time in the fridge or maybe even the freezer before eating. Perhaps I'll put some in each cold place and see what works.

The recipe is one I saw posted on 3191 last summer. There was a naked lady party to attend this afternoon and I wanted to bring these as a treat. They most definitely didn't fly out of the pan like last week's brownies. But by the end of the shindig there were just a few remaining. Maybe next time I'll add the chocolate chips...

+ + +

Is it worth mentioning this is my 300th post? Seems like it took me a long time to get here. Not that I'm counting. Blog at my own pace, you know? It's been busy behind the scenes around here. We'll see when some of that busy-ness can make it onto the screen.

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