Monday, December 07, 2009

Season's Senses


The chicken ladies have gotten into the holiday spirit. We decked their house out with a strand of lights on Saturday, and I think their little home is so sweet and festive. I defrosted their water twice today - they were so appreciative! I know it's cold out there girls, but hopefully these cheery lights are adding just a touch of warmth on these chilly chilly winter nights.


Yesterday was bitter cold with an arctic wind coming in from the north that caused already cold temperatures to dip even lower.

Calder and I ventured out with our buddy Raquel in search of "the tree" while Jeff worked at home.

Our first stop was an in-town tree farm. Their trees were lovely, but we couldn't bear the cold wind long enough to walk around and take a good look at their crop. So after a warming cup of hot cocoa, with a candy cane dropped in for good measure, in the family's ceramic studio we piled back into the car and moved on.

We found last year's tree in the $10 pile at the Boy Scout's lot, and returned yesterday to see if there was anything good in the discount section. No luck, but I was able to find a lovely Noble - not too tall as it's to be placed on top of a piece of furniture in our smallish living room. I think we were helped by the same Scout as last year... little Ralphie we called him. He's so grown up now.


A bonus at the Scout lot, they let you take their off-cuts for free, so the back of the car was filled with boughs which were brought home and made into wreaths and swags that made the kitchen - our workshop - smell so good.

And back to SIGHT:

The Christmas tree reflected in the living room window with the hen house just outside.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! (But lately I've enjoyed thinking of the lights as a Solstice celebration of sorts actually. And though it may still be so cold, I really can't wait for the annual Solstice walk through our neighborhood with friends and lovely candle and lantern-light.)

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