Thursday, October 29, 2009

Time Traveling: Summer Vacation Part I

When the ground looks like this:

you know it's fall (or winter or spring, really for that matter) in Oregon. Bottom line... it's not summer anymore.

So I thought I'd take this opportunity to share a bit of our summer vacation down to Southern California. We have family and lots of friends down there. Jeff and I lived there for 4 years ('00-'04) and it's where he grew up. The trip was 9 days, we had a crazy itinerary, basically hit the ground running and never stopped, but got to see everyone on the list.

This was our first visit down as a family - and the first time we've ever paid for a plane ticket for Calder... ouch!

Ah, the warmer waters of the Pacific. The color! (Balboa Island)

Morning fog and desert plants. (Grandpa John's house in Poway)

Chaco tan poolside. (Poway)

Huge, incredible, homemade kaleidoscope. (Grandpa John's neighbors)

The view through the kaleidoscope was amazing.

Part II coming soon...

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